2024 Lexus TX Spec Sheet

2024 GX Spec Sheet

Timeline of Toyota Canada Recalls and Consumer Announcements

Toyota Canada Inc. Awards and Accolades

Lexus Guest Letter - Floor Mat Advisory


Brake Override System Overview - Lexus EN

Lexus Canada safety improvement campaign - Brake Override System

Lexus Canada safety improvement campaign EN

Breakdown of Canadian Built Vehicle Sales EN

Toyota Canada Inc. - Policy Recommendations to Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities EN

Akio Toyoda 6 Point Program to Improve Quality EN

Transport Canada Campaign Tracking List (2009-2010) EN

Electronic Throttle Control System - How it works and History EN

Bibliography of Unintended Acceleration Reports

Early Detection Early Resolution (EDER) EN

Canada vs US - Toyota All-Weather Floor Mat Comparison EN

Toyota Brake Override System - How it works and Rollout EN

Toyota Canada Corporate Structure EN

Product Differentiation between Canada and US

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